The Laguiole knife is the most famous of all.

If you didnt already know, Larissa (store owner) loves to sell products which have a story. This product certainly does.  Laguiole was created in 1829 and is named after a village in the middle of the Averyon region in France. To any European, the brand simply represents quality. Known for their famous pocket knives, they also manufacture bread, cheese and steak knives- all with different blades and handles.   

Unfortunately, these knives suffer from the production of knock offs due to the lack of patenting with the name and the "bee" symbol. This symbol does not guarentee authenticity. Our range of Laguiole are made at the original site- in the village of Aveyron.  SO, if you're looking for a fabulous Christmas/Wedding/Birthday/Thank you present (or something for yourself!), come and check these out. The colours are bright and cheerful, and you won't believe how beautiful they are to use. If you want to read more about the history of these knives, click here - it's worth it!



Our famous back wall...

If you have been into SC, you would have immediately recognised our fabulous wallpaper. The company is Timorous Beasties and is based in the UK.
Sitting on top of the fire place is the new silver Limoges set (with the black set)- how good does it look against the wall!? Click here to find out about Timorous Beasties wallcoverings.


Dinosaur Designs

An extraordinary product....Dinosaur Designs resin bowls, plates and jewellery. We sell a range of colours and shapes. The bangles always seem to make an outfit perfect!

Imagine a fresh summer salad in that large purple bowl- so appealing.
Click here to read about the history of this incredible Australian brand.



John Derian Paperweights

This is only about a third of our collection of John Derian paper weights. Working out of New York, JD is 'America's leading practitioner of decoupage'- the art of cutting and pasting paper images. Getting John Derian into the store was not easy- it took 2 years of begging and pleading and is now one of our all time best sellers. It is an honour to sell such exquisite products in the store. More photos to come of the beautiful plates also in store now. 

The shop...

Incase you haven't seen the shop- here it is. Recently merchandised for Christmas, filled with lots of new exciting products. The centre round table is jam packed with the famous John Derian collection (be quick, it's walking out the door). Helen Kaminski hats in the top right corner (important to protect our skin). Limoges in the cabinet behind the counter and Dinosaur Designs on the far right (bowls, vases, salad servers, jewellery and plates).  

This shot is of the back of the store where you will find most of our fragrances and body products. To name a few- Robert Piguet, Annick Goutal, Tocca, Miller et Bertaux, Neom and Lubin (depuis 1798).

From the middle of the shop to the front. Recycled glass bottle lamps from Syria in the bottom left corner. 

The three mannequins are wearing a collection of our Lee Mathews and Song dresses (french designer based in Vietnam). 

If you haven't already, you should come in for a closer look...


chalk board

Just incase you needed us to write a to-do list for you! 


The Rolls Royce of candles

One of our favourite products- Cire Trudon Candles- Depuis 1643- doesn't that say enough!? These candles are from the oldest wax maker in France. The candles are pure vegetable wax with cotton wicks. The fragrances range from lily of the valley to the scent of the wooden floor boards of Versailles.  You know the candles you light when you say a prayer in European churches? They are manufactured by Cire Trudon.  Click here to read more about the history of this amazing company. Once you burn one, gift shop candles don't seem to cut it anymore. Below is our limited edition Christmas Nazareth candle with top notes of ceylon cinnamon, sour orange, grapefruit and mandarin. 

What we've told you is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of these candles- come in and we'll share more stories with you to excite your senses!


Christmas Window

A sneak peek of our Christmas windows. It took Larissa and Alice 2 days to perfect these. The black decorations on the vintage French hat stand have our products scribbled on them. Cushions- Iosis, 'N' and 'O'- John Derian plates, bike- ours! Come and have a look, they also look glorious at night. 



Donatella Pellini

Our antique cabinet (fabulous story behind this cabinet- will share later) filled with our most popular jewels- Donatella Pellini. Larissa and Simonetta have both been wearing her pieces for years, and have both shared their passion for it throughout the store. It is made in Italy with semi precious stones. Donatella is the third generation in her family to be making the jewellery, and has had her pieces featured on runways throughout Europe. Closer shots of these magnificent pieces are on their way...


An Absolute Beauty...

One of our glorious displays. Sorry about the quality of the image, professional photos to come. Featured in this photo: Limoges, Kuhn Keramic, Syrian Lamps, Dinosaur Designs, Tocca, Les Habitat Neuf and Laduree Candles. Don't you just want it all!?


Premier Post...


So it has begun...A blog focused around a beautiful shop- inspiring you in areas of interiors-fashion-food and fragrance. You will find out about new products, fabulous ways of merchandising, yummy recipes and most likely some of Larissa's terrific traveling tips!
Incase you didnt know, we are located at:

Shop 4/122 Edinburgh Rd,
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