fleurs in le shop

... another bunch of georgousness from Larissa's garden. Don't they look perfect amongst the Cire Trudon candles?
...and our lovely customer Andrea dropped in these exquisite roses.


The perfect present

After receiving a lot of new stock, we've decided to throw some presents together to give you  ideas for Christmas. These are both under $70 - perfect right!?
Zoe Bonbon bracelet 
Maison Balzac 'La Rose' candle
 Jean Vier Tea towel
Laguiole Knife




tis the season for...

Hydrangeas! Larissa's garden is blooooooooooooming, so hopefully the shop will be covered in them shortly...


A Christmas makeover...

Yesterday, Santa's little Serin Cini helpers worked like machines to completely redo the shop. We arrived at 8am with coffees and croissants, worked out the 'grand plan' then immediately got to work. Kelly covered our windows with newspaper (which didn't last long), but shooed a few people away in order for us to concentrate.
Within a few minutes, the shop was turned upside down. We welcomed some new blue birds into our lives, and created them a fabulous new home.
After a few hours the windows were finished. Glitter was EVERYWHERE.
These lovely birds are for sale - a beautiful little addition to a gift (two different styles).
Below are some more shots of the new shop..
New Maison Balzac candles
Dinosaur Designs
Sophie Digard scarves
The one and only John Derian
New Cire Trudon special editions
Limoges and Iosis
And finally the cards...
Come on, come and see the rest. We promise it's worth it...


Opening hours

We are open:
Monday - Friday 9:30am-5:30 pm
Saturday 9am-6pm
Sundays (every Sunday of December) 10am-3pm
7 weeks til...

a sneak peek

A few snaps of our latest Dinosaur Designs vases/plates and Iosis cushions. You'll have to come in to see the rest!


a model from heaven

Maevie-babie modelling one of our tutu du monde outfits........
Could she get any cuter!???


Maison Balzac now at SC

We are so excited to anounce that we have a beautiful new range of candles in store - Maison Balzac. These beauties are made in Australia with a soy-wax blend. The five scents are heavenly, you'll find it hard to choose which one to buy.
 Just get them all!
The scents include -
1. La Rose
Tea Rose, geranium, rosewood
2. Le Soleil
Orange flower, tuberose, musk
3. Le Bois
Pinewood, cedarwood, Labdanum
4. L'Eglise
Clove buds, musk, cedarwood
5. Le Sud
Certified organig lavender
We also stock le dome. It's a little keeper.
Above - What a beautiful gift. Bright green french tea towel with a glorious pinewood, cedarwood and labdanum scented candle for wayyyyy under $100.
Time to start considering Christmas pressies...