"Have but one heart for two….

...it is the true means to happiness"

A heartfelt message on this handmade card, 
an authentic reproduction of an original  postcard found in a Paris flea market.



The Feast Goes On

Created by the "sisterhood" of the bestselling Monday Morning Cooking Club, 
"The Feast Goes On" speaks of a community drawn together by food, 
telling intimate and moving stories of sharing and survival, 
love and hope, friendship and family.

Over 100 recipes of rich, wonderful ideas and flavours
 to nuture, nourish and inspire.
A cookbook to feed you, body and soul.



Recipes For A Good Time

The menu at Porteño comes to you straight from the kitchens of Argentina 
via the imagination and culinary artistry of chefs and owners, 
Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz.

In their book "Recipes For A Good Time", 
Ben and Elvis give us the real deal on barbecues, 
making feta, chorizo, smoking fish and meat and more.

Amazing desserts and cocktails.
Mouthwatering photos that inspire and beg to be made.

The friendship, family and camaraderie literally jump off the pages 
and will have you reaching for the phone to make a reservation 
at this uber cool Surry Hills restaurant, Porteño



Say "Thank You" or "Happy Birthday" in French...

These intriguing, handmade cards are a lovely way to say 
"Merci" and "Heureux Anniversaire".
They are reproductions of authentic, antique postcards found in Paris flea markets.
Tres Charmante!



Nesti Dante's Wild Tuscan Lavender and Verbena

Experience the wonder of Nesti Dante's sensational fragrance 
of wild tuscan lavender and the invigorating scent of verbena leaf.
Available in Soap, Hand and Body Wash and Shower Gel.
Nesti Dante uses the finest plant-based ingredients and fragrances.
Made with love and care in Italy.



John Derian, New York

Discover the artistic world of John Derian, 
decoupage plates and paperweights at Serin Cini, Sydney.



Cashmere and Silk….

Soft and comfortable, 
the finest cashmere and silk fibres are woven together 
to create this Inouitoosh Luxe Scarf. 
Printed by hand in shades of grey with detailed stitching, 
this subtle design teams up beautifully with Zoe Bonbon necklaces.



Limoges, France...

Feast your eyes on this collection of 
Limoges cups, saucers and accessories in a platinum finish …..
c'est magnifique!



Gypsy by Sibella Court

Bestselling author Sibella Court is a gypsy at heart 
who loves spending time on the road, 
liking nothing more than tinkering, coming across ancient trades and tales, 
and fossicking for treasures.

In Gypsy, Sibella shows you how to put together colour palettes 
and those precious pieces you have picked up on your travels.
In essence how to create interiors layered with stories, experiences and meaning.

Sibella discloses the  names of many of her favourite sources and suppliers
making Gypsy an invaluable guide into the world of colour and interiors.



Modern Rustic by Emily Henson

Interior stylist Emily Henson and writer Joanna Simmons walk you 
through the inspirations of the Modern Rustic Look.

From the elegance of Pure Rustic  to the fearless, sexy Retro Rustic.
From Pop to organic, cosy Bohemian  Rustic… 
wood, stone and steel take centre stage.

The Modern Rustic style has had an original rethink 
and revels in earthy colours, rich textures and natural materials
beautifully photographed by Catherine Gratwicke.

The modern rustic look celebrates the fabric and heart of a home.



"Perfect Setting" by Kitchen Papers

A simple way to make a statement at your next dinner party…
"Perfect Setting" recycled, disposable placemats add a bit of fun and interest to your table.
Buy in a pad of 50, designed and printed in the USA.



The 20/20 Diet Cookbook by Lola Berry

Wow…Epic Raw Banana Pie… just one of the stunning recipes in this new cookbook.

Leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry shows you how simple it is 
to eat real foods that are as close to their natural state as possible:  
unprocessed, nutritious, seasonal and above all delicious.
More than 100 recipes that are gluten-free, wheat-free and sugar-free.

Transform your life and body with high energy wholefoods.



Kitchen Papers…Anyone for cheese?

New from Kitchen Papers this pad of papers 
is perfect for serving your favorite selection of cheeses. 
Place your favourite cheeses, fruit or whatever directly on paper and serve.
Use alone or on your favorite cheese board or tray. 
Designed and printed in the USA using soy-based inks on wax coated recycled kraft paper.



Dr Vranjes…..Ginger Lime

Surround yourself with precious fragrance notes 
and envelope yourself with a sense of well-being.

Ginger Lime….
Like a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer evening.
Sparkling and tangy, cool and pure.

Dr Vranjes Home Fragrances use ancient alchemy 
with the beneficial effects of aromatherapy, 
the art of extracting natural essences from the elements 
for the well-being of body and mind. 



Dr Vranjes Creating Fragrant Ambience One Room at a Time...

"My grandfather was a silk trader with a passion for essences, 
and as a child I would watch him…
enraptured by that universe of rare, transparent bottles 
with their unusual, evocative scents…
my passion for essences and culture was born in that room"

So says Dr Paolo Vrjanes, pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist, 
creator of the Dr Vranjes innovative range of "Ambient Scents" or Home Fragrances.
Diffusers and Room Sprays in store now.



We're Back!!!!!!!!

Sorry if you have been missing our blogspot.
We sure have missed blogging.
AT LAST a new computer to blog with…..
after last years disastrous deluge of rain 
destroyed our trusty computer (among other things) 
we finally have a fab new whizz bang, "state of the art" computer, 
so we're back on track
to tempt you with new ideas, new brands, new acquisitions
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