You practically need sunglasses to look at these photos! So many bright colours. We love Dinosaur Designs, especially filled with yummy salads or bright flowers. On the right is another snippet of our card selection.



le shop

The beautiful Iosis trays. We have an incredible range of them and they make the perfect gift.

We love this vignette.  


all wrapped up

A little snippet of our current gift wrapping. We have a few different options according to the occasion and we are happy to wrap all shapes and sizes...

The card - a current favourite of ours. Alice came across these on a recent trip to NYC. The company is Oblation Papers & Press, which is one of Martha Stewart's firm favourites!

Click here to check out their blog- it's jam packed with great ideas.

{SC - AS}


little owl...

Larissa certainly is the queen of decorating the store, and this is definitely one of her finest achievements. It certainly is a conversation starter and ties in perfectly with the rest of our store. If your eyes aren't drawn to the Timorous Beasties wallpaper when you enter, then they certainly will look in this direction.

Hanging on the (very tall) wall is chestnut paling from France and infront is an old brass birdcage which Larissa bought on one of her trips to Istanbul.

And our favourite- the little lonely owl. He is handmade by Tamar Mogendorff in Brooklyn, NYC. She is one clever lady, whose products we have sold over the years. (FYI her blog is a beauty- check it out here).

 Come in and say hello to us (and the lonely owl).



One of our recent window displays.

This person is about to have a pretty stylish picnic!



Merci Peep!

A big belated THANK YOU to Claudia for mentioning us on her blog. We are a little obsessed with Peep My Style (along with LOTS of other people). Keep coming in for your Cire Trudon candles Claud!

For those who haven't checked out her blog....BEWARE you'll become addicted.



My Favourite Pastime

Cooking is one of my favourite things to do and seriously the recipies I gather from cookbooks here at work are fast becoming my everyday staples. Talk about spoilt for choice!!!

 'Monday Morning Cooking Club' is one of those cookbooks that has a recipe for every occasion. I'm sure my kids will recollect the Tomato Soup with Basil when they are older and think it was a family thing that has been handed down over the generations.  I'm sure it is, just not in my family!!! Even Lauren's Tuna Salad is so fantastic you think you are eating something naughty when really it is packed full of goodness.

I'm mainly a Domestic Goddess in training and love to bake! When "Bake" first came in I said No, No, No to myself because I have so many cookbooks I need another room in my house for them. Then I saw the brownie recipe and knew I had to go home and make them.  I have since had friends constantly requesting yet another batch and have happily overheard the comment "You should try Kelly's brownies they are unbelievable"! And honestly they are so easy it is ridiculous....
The Chocolate-Orange Cake is super rich and the perfect remedy for heartbreak ( not that you need an excuse to eat this decadent treat). Move over Nigella I'm Taking your crown!

"Jo Seagar" of course needs no explanation and we were running a tally at one point because we were selling so many of her gem "The Cook School Recipes".

My darling marble dove sitting so serenely atop these books is actually the culprit that lured me into Serin Cini in the first place. I saw her from outside and knew she was meant to live in my kitchen so I came in and after a fabulous chat with Larissa and Simonetta I enquired about a job! The rest is history. And she has been perched on whatever cookbook I happen to be using ever since. x



Birthday Surprise

As Larissa was away with her beloved in Thailand for her birthday, we decided to have a surprise belated dinner.  We went to our favourite local Thai restaurant Bai Yok, and pretended it was the 7th January all over again.

I made this cake for L with a bird theme (Serin Cini theme in other words!). It turned out well, but wasnt as tall as I was hoping.  It was a two layered red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

Credits to Simonetta for the table decorations- it looked beautiful. The pink LadurĂ©e candles and the Dinosaur Designs jug were 'very Larissa!'

Congratulations on reaching this milestone Larissa.


p.s  RIP little birdie- you'll be missed. x

Another vignette

I know I seem to post A LOT about Cire Trudon- but I just can't help myself.
Every home should have one (or several).

We are currently burning Ernesto..

I don't think it has been mentioned on here yet, but we also sell le spray.

The bottles are also hand blown by an Italian glassmaker in Vinci, Italy.


{AS- SC}


These are a few of my favourite things

Firstly, let me apologise for the quality of the photo! In my defence I'm completely new to this and being dragged into the computer age by a much younger colleague!!!

I do however have experience with falling in love with just about everything at Serin Cini. As you can see I have some gorgeous treasures that can be worn individually or all at the same time. First a spritz of the fascinating and addictive Fracas by Robert Piguet... I kid you not I have never worn it without being stopped by woman and men alike and asked what is that fragrance... It may be the jasmine, or the tuberose or perhaps the gardenia.. Whatever the reason Fracas is a crowd stopper!

Another passion of mine is Sophie Digard. These glorious handmade scarves come in pure wool and linen and are treasures to be worn with love. No matter how many I add to my collection there is always another one in the store to lust over as the colours and designs are so individual.

Add a Donatella Pellini necklace or my favourite bangle ( a gift from Larissa!) featuring several gorgeous images of horses individually framed and perhaps even a dainty pair of Ayala Bar earrings and my look is complete! I could go on all day but then I have customers to serve!!! Kelly x



Love is in the air...

A lovely man just popped in and bought his wife this gorgeous gift for Valentines Day.

What more could a girl ask for? A John Derian plate for trinckets, Gianna Rose Atelier heart shaped soap for a luxurious bath, and the perfect cup of tea poured straight from her very own Limoges teapot.

What a lucky lady. Cupid strikes again!



The one and only Robert Piguet...

Robert Piguet was a leading light in the world of French haute couture during the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. He inspired both women and other leading designers ... Pierre Balmain, Hubert de Givenchy, Christian Dior, included.

In 1944 he turned his attention to creating his own perfume house that quickly established an international following.


A new edition to the Robert Piquet collection is the fragrance Douglas Hannant.

If you would like to sample this beautiful fragrance, please come in and visit.



Just a little note....

We are open Monday- Friday 9:30am-5:30pm and Saturdays 9am-5pm.

We do phone orders and post to wherever you'd like!