the perfect team meeting

Kelly hosted a very successful team meeting at her lovely abode last night. Dinner was a scrumptious slow roasted chicken with mutli coloured capsicums, leek, olives and lemons (thank you Nigellissima). On the side - a mouth watering garden salad and
crunchy bread.
Dessert was a perfect warm coffee cake with tirimisu gelato. {Insert drool here}
We did lots of planning for Christmas and shared some clever ideas.
The photo above is a belated birthday present to Alice from Larissa. The new Tartine cookbooks, a Lagioule bread knife, a fab french bread board and some fig and walnut bread from Thomas Dux. Heavenly right!?


ROLL it on. . .

One of our favourite fragrance's 'Fracas' by Robert Piguet, now comes as a roll-on.
This is great for your handbag and traveling.
8 weeks til Chrissy!

a special visitor

A special pooch waiting for his Mum outside le shop!






Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a unicorn.
Then always be a unicorn.



A few new things have arrived lately ...


Cire Trudon (special edition glasses filled with our favourite scents)
Festive paper napkins



Would you like that gift wrapped?

of course you would....! 

Here is the colour theme of Christmas 2012

An example is on it's way.


Alice's adventures in New York {cont'd}

As promised, some more photos of my trip to heaven NYC and back. If these photos can't convince you to go there, then I don't know what will (if I do say so myself!)

Firstly, my essential travel companions. Thanks to Claud and Larissa I traveled with my two favourite Alexanders - Wang & McQueen

Here are some perfect school boys walking down 5th Ave. If only Sydney school boys looked like this!?

The incredible Flatiron District.
Some produce from the Chelsea Markets
A walk in The Park
Hello Horsie...
Juice from the Meatpacking markets
Dinner at the one and only Balthazar
Some NY Graffiti
A Missoni David
The perfect pink suit (getting this one framed)
A mother/daughter purchase
And finally some maple bacon flavoured cupcakes from Smorgasburg.
Yep, you read that right.
That is all!



just arrived...

Some new cards just arrived. Trust us, they are realllllly great.


NYC: The capital of inspirational merchandising

Well don't the yanks know how to merchandise!? Holy moly! We were blown away by the amount of effort that is poured into each and every vignette within the stores. They must spend hours upon hours designing and pulling together their ideas.
It seems the latest trend (and probably has been for a while), is to bring nature inside stores to show off products and to simply make everything look fab.
You get the idea here -
and here
This store is Arhaus, in the Meatpacking District. Mum and I stumbled across this beauty and even had to make a trip back a week later (the 3 hours we spent in there the first time wasn't enough). It was sensory overload to say the least.
Bergdoff Goodman certainly showed off while we were there. It was their 111th birthday, so their windows and merchandising were out of control. I also happened to be inside the store on Fashion's Night Out. Now that was an experience!
I also have to show you this window display. I didn't go inside the store as you had to buzz to enter and that kind of turned me off. It seems they sold exclusive fragrances (we sell quite a few of what was on display in the window anyway). I also failed to get the name of the store...woops!
Some handmade owls just hanging out in Anthropologie...
Here are some more stores which had our jaws touching the ground...
Spotted below in ABC - Tamar Mogendorff! Ours have just about sold out. Best addition to a kids room.
John Derian Drygoods store. He has paper flowers throughout both stores.
S is for Serin...
Even this kids party store {Dumbelle} in Brooklyn is amazing -
The little kids sit around the table in the centre and colour in whichever character they choose off the wall. I love how this is a litte old fashioned - no technology involved here that's for sure. The owner draws all the pictures and told us she loves setting up for the parties. Notice the confetti COVERING the floors! And might I add, the birthday girl sits in a Louis Ghost chair.
And to finish... here I am EXHAUSTED after an afternoon in Hermes.
Hope you have enjoyed SOME of my photos. Just another 1236 to show you!

a visit to the one and only...


As you are aware, on my recent trip to NYC I was lucky enough to visit the John Derian production studio. It was lovely meeting Greg and finally putting a 'face to the name'! 

Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. What an incredible place! My love for this decoupage has grown even stronger.

Here are some photos from the visit...

Above: This gentleman is cutting out paper for some of the pieces which have several layers. Don't worry, he doesn't do this ALL day (we were worried as you'd have to have incredible concentration skills ).
Below: This lady is packing the gift tags and putting the stickers on the back of the paperweights.
Below: A mini production line - glueing, cutting, sticking.

Below: A stack of vases/bowls ready to be sent all around the world. HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THEY!?

Greg then kindly walked us around to the store (only a few blocks from the studio). It was like walking into heaven. I could have bought the entire store....

Below: Do these look familiar? We have these brilliant giant Kuhn Keramik cutlery hanging in our store too.


That door...

Sooooo much to choose from!

And what a whirlwind that was. We could have spent all day in there. 3 hours just wasn't enough!
Thanks again Greg & John....
Alice x