Escape to the cape

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After reading the latest post on one of our favourite blogs, we thought we absolutely had to share this story with you. Of course it is about the one and only John Derian. He is simply too good to be true. This article by Bon Appetit is worth a read, your love for him will continue to grow and you'll also want it to be summer all over again...

Photos from here

Larissa fell head over heals in love with the John Derian brand quite a few years ago whilst shopping in Bergdoff Goodman (as you do!). Since then, she has been utterly passionate about it and we can totally see why. Not only are his products amazing- but so is he!

Alice is heading over to NYC in September so will be visiting the store AND we have just done another order....watch this space.


le cook off...

... has begun! Clever Kelly made these 'Napoleons' for our Neom night. They were a huge success and apparently very easy to make. She put icing sugar on top instead of the pink icing as they were already pretty sweet (good thinking Kel).

As you can see, they are from 'Gran's Kitchen', one of our best sellers. This book takes you back in time and teaches you how to make mouth watering, old fashioned meals. It's easy to understand and none of the meals take particularly long- which we love.

Trust us, they tasted SO GOOD!

Yummo Kels Bels ... x



New in store...

We have added a few new colours to our Dinosaur Designs collection.

Quick, they are walking out the door... !



All about writing....

Christian Lacroix is a designer 
whose style, sense of colour and inventiveness is second to none. 
Indulge in these opulent journals and feel those creative juices run. 
Send someone you love an angel card 
from his "Les Anges Baroque" boxed set....divine.

Tricia Guild's fresh, vibrant, up to the minute signature style 
is instantly recognisable 
in this collection of Designers Guild stationery.





Flowers on my kitchen bench

One of our lovely customers Catherine, has thought of a very good idea - a Pinterest board of 'flowers on my kitchen bench'. Not only do we get to see the glorious arrangements, but she gets to keep a record forever and ever. Some of the flowers are given to her, but mostly they are taken from her incredible garden, which she and her husband cherish. Here are a few photos which I sneakily captured from her page.  

Check out her pinterest boards here.

She also has a pin board 'Castlecrag Garden', so you'll get to see where some of the lovely flowers come from.

On another note, Catherine is a great cook. She tells us of the lovely dinners she makes and also kindly made us some cayenne pepper biscuits for the Neom night. The recipe was handed down by her grandmother and is seriously good. Yummo. We'll have to get Catherine involved in le cook off. Maybe even as a judge....

It's a delight to see Catherine walk past the shop with her wicker basket full of fresh food and of course baguettes from Ganache.

Merci Catherine, keep coming in and inspiring us. xx




If the bike is out the front - we're open!

Come in and say Hello

Monday - Friday 9:30am-5:30pm
Saturday 9am-5pm



the shop has never smelt so good...

What a lovely soiree it was. Many sweet treats were eaten (& drunk - nice Moscato LJ!) and of course the NEOM was a HIT. All those who joined us now see why we are in love with this product. 

Yes, that is a bath on the table. It's filled with tulle bubbles and a beautiful bouquet from Portobello Rose

You certainly can't go wrong with a macaroon or two. The little cupcakes were made by one of our lovely customers Ann. They were exquisite to say the least. She is very clever (and generous).

As you can imagine, the shop smelt like heaven. 

Hopefully another fun night like this is just around the corner. Watch this space...


Finestre part three...

Same same but different. We still love these chair covers... 

Good job girlies! Looks fab ...



you can't go wrong...

...with these two beauts.

Since its creation in 1970, the legendary prints, the gathering of motifs, the mix of fabrics, the wordplay and the spirit of KENZO made this Parisian fashion house the spokesman for aesthetics, divergence and universal culture.

The Chanel is a trio of goodness - Perfume, fine jewelry and clothes. 3 little books in one.

Perfect, right !?


NEOM- soiree

To express our love for NEOM, we have decided to host a little soiree at le shop.
As Mothers Day happens to be right around the corner, we think you should come along on the 10th May and consider a pressie or two for your mummas/aunties/grannies etc.

Looking forward to seeing you there.




Every woman in the world needs to know about the one and only Neom...these products send you to a day spa in your own bathroom. 

Neom have created the most incredibly powerful, organic range or luxury bath and body products that all work as treatments to make you feel a whole lot more relaxed, more energised or even a whole lot happier - depending on the treatment you select for your mood. Neom are a Brittish company, with followers such as Catherine Middleton and Madonna.

Speaking of which, we all secretly want to tap into the lives of famous women. Their blog will certainly help you do that. Each of these inspiring gals use Neom in some way or another. Read through it and you'll no doubt want to come in and sample some of these exquisite products.

You NEED to experience this luxurious zone in your home.