cherry mistmas

The girls at Serin Cini would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy 2013.
We are Closed on the 25th, 26th, 27th, 1st and 2nd.
SC xx

MORE new Iosis

These are waaaaaaaaaaaaalking out our french doors....
Get your hands on these amazing velvet cushions...  


festive fun

The SC girls went for a lovely Christmas dinner on Wednesday night to Il Perugino in Mosman. The food was beautiful, as was the French Champagne - pink of course.
The desserts - oh my! The photos say it all......
We were also surprised with a lovely delivery of flowers from our beautiful customer Jennifer. They are from Portobello Rose and are absolutely exquisite. Thanks Jenny xx
Here they are on Alice's hallway table..
Only 4 more sleeps!



the marble book bar

If you've been into the shop lately you would have noticed that our marble book bar is jam packed with new books. Here's a collection of what we've got in store lately...





 7 sleeps!!


handmade treats

A BIG thank you to Mandy our bookkeeper for these beeeeeaautiful christmas cupcakes. They were simply scrumptious...


Clever Jo

Our lovely customer Jo sent us this picture of her studio...
See the dark green glass jar on the right? Well that is one of our Cire Trudon's being cleverly recycled!
And below are her very appropriate Christmas leggings!


larissa's vignette

New John Derian and christmas elves in store now!
 Larissa thought she was very clever putting this little vignette together!


Cire Trudon, you've done it again

The perfect christmas gift - special edition 'Melchior' by Cire Trudon.

'Melchior' was one of the three wise men - the Persian scholar who brought gold to Bethlehem. Of course, Cire Trudon have appropriately adorned his candle with pure gold leaf.

Carried by the warm oriental suns, Melchior presents the tender scents of a precious adoration to the divine child. In a case adorned with golden leaves, Myrrh and Benzoin combine as the sign of a universal celebration.

Below: Melchior and Nazareth

 And a new orange addition to our Cire Trudon rainbow...


EXTREME Christmas Lights

If you live in Sydney and want to get into the spirit of Christmas, then we suggest you take a visit to Rangers Road Mosman. There is no need to provide you with the house number as you can see it from about 2 km's away.
This lovely family have being decorating their home for 9 years now, and are very passionate about it (as you can see). They didn't share their electricity bill with us - we can't even imagine what it would be like.
People from all over Sydney are lining the street every night to see their masterpiece. So hurry up and get the kiddies down there before the 25th.
You WON'T be disappointed.
p.s. lights turn off at 10:30pm everynight.


Capturing Christmas {2012}

We mentioned a little while ago that we'd show you our Christmas wrap for 2012. Well here it is....
Come in and buy some Chrissie pressies and this is how they'll look!


he knows if you've been bad or good

.........so be good, for goodness sake!
Christmas is in full swing at Serin Cini. We still have new stock arriving everyday! One of our latest favourites - the gorgeous Christmas decorations from Denmark.
We hope you're writing lists and soaking the fruits!
P.S A big thank you to Hannah Blackmore Photography for the the beautiful photos to come


fleurs in le shop

... another bunch of georgousness from Larissa's garden. Don't they look perfect amongst the Cire Trudon candles?
...and our lovely customer Andrea dropped in these exquisite roses.


The perfect present

After receiving a lot of new stock, we've decided to throw some presents together to give you  ideas for Christmas. These are both under $70 - perfect right!?
Zoe Bonbon bracelet 
Maison Balzac 'La Rose' candle
 Jean Vier Tea towel
Laguiole Knife




tis the season for...

Hydrangeas! Larissa's garden is blooooooooooooming, so hopefully the shop will be covered in them shortly...


A Christmas makeover...

Yesterday, Santa's little Serin Cini helpers worked like machines to completely redo the shop. We arrived at 8am with coffees and croissants, worked out the 'grand plan' then immediately got to work. Kelly covered our windows with newspaper (which didn't last long), but shooed a few people away in order for us to concentrate.
Within a few minutes, the shop was turned upside down. We welcomed some new blue birds into our lives, and created them a fabulous new home.
After a few hours the windows were finished. Glitter was EVERYWHERE.
These lovely birds are for sale - a beautiful little addition to a gift (two different styles).
Below are some more shots of the new shop..
New Maison Balzac candles
Dinosaur Designs
Sophie Digard scarves
The one and only John Derian
New Cire Trudon special editions
Limoges and Iosis
And finally the cards...
Come on, come and see the rest. We promise it's worth it...