The Unique Fragrance of Cire Trudon Candles

 Every candle in the Cire Trudon collection is created in the same way 
a precious perfume is made, using only the finest ingredients from around the world.
With complex top, heart and base notes, these candles
have the ability to transport you, metaphorically, to another world.
All candles are manufactured in the Cire Trudon workshops in Normandy 
and are made from certified vegetable wax and beeswax, 
the wicks are made of cotton and each glass is crafted by artisans in Vinci, Italy.

Come and experience the journey...
lift the glass and smell the wonderful scent inside the bell jar.



Cire Trudon Candle Burning Tips

1. In order to get the most out of your candle, burn it until the entire surface of the candle melts.
2. To preserve the fragrance, do not burn your candle for more than 3 hours at a time during the first third of the candle 1 to 2 hours at a time during the remaining.
3. Do not leave candle burning unattended. Do not set in a draft. Keep away from children, curtains and pets.
4. Should the wick require centering, gently readjust to correct position when the wax is still molten. Allow candle to solidify before relighting.
5. Should any black smoke appear, trim the wick. It should be clean and no longer than 6 mm at all times.
6. Always protect the table or surface on which the candle rests (with a coaster or plate, for example).
7. Do not burn your candle all the way down. Always leave at least 5 mm of non-molten wax at the bottom.

Last but not least...relax, curl up with a good book and enjoy your beautiful candle!




Aesop: Geranium Leaf Duet

Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser's purifying properties 
are complemented by generous post-cleanse slatherings of Geranium Leaf Body Balm. 
Enjoyed in tandem these formulations impart 
refreshingly cleansed, beautifully softened skin. 

Dispense Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser directly into your hands or sea sponge. 
Lather and massage over soaked skin, then rinse thoroughly. 

What to expect: your skin will feel cleansed and refreshed!
Follow with Geranium Leaf Body Balm; 
massage desired amount from neck to toe.

What to expect: your skin will feel hydrated, softened and greaseless!



Cire Trudon The Imperial Pillar Candle

In 1811 Napoleon gave his firstborn son, Aiglon, a special gift.
 He commissioned Cire Trudon to create a beautiful black candle 
adorned with gold coins bearing his regal portrait. 
A fitting gift from an Emperor to a future Emperor.

Today, a replica of this candle is available as a limited edition.
Each candle is adorned with a gold wax cameo
and comes in a beautiful black and gold presentation box.



Cire Trudon Mademoiselle de La Vallière

Secret powers of a naked flower for the love of Louis the XIV, 
Mademoiselle de La Vallière 
enveloped herself in the sweet and shattering intensity of tuberoses.

The fragrance of an intoxicating love: 
from the King's bedroom to her convent, Louise de la Vallière personified 
this deeply sensual flower, whose overwhelming aromas 
personify true, blinding, almost spiritual love.

 The top notes are bergamot, orange blossom and galbanum.
 Middle notes are tuberose, jasmine and ylang ylang.
Base notes are musk, rockrose and benzoin resin.

Available in  270gr  Candle and 375ml Room Spray.
True luxury.



Serin Cini... ever wondered about that name?

 Le Serin cini est le plus petit représentant de la famille des fringillidés. 
Outre sa petite taille, ce passereau d’humble apparence se distingue par sa silhouette 
plutôt ronde et son bec très court, de forme conique. 
Le mâle a la tête et la poitrine d’un jaune vif teinté de reflets verdâtres, 
de même que le croupion. Ses joues sont vert olive. 
Le dos et ailes gris-vert sont rayés de stries sombres 
tout comme le ventre qui est de teinte plus claire. 
À l’automne son plumage perd toutefois en éclat, 
le jaune de la face et du poitrail s’atténue jusqu’à disparaître complètement.

Now you know... come and visit soon!



And... More Megan Park Scarves

This multi-coloured scarf from Megan Park is gorgeous.
A combination of 75% cotton and 25% silk, soft yet cool.
Perfect for summer!



Megan Park

"I try to create pieces that will remain beautiful for years to come.  
I think when something is created entirely by hand it has a truth and beauty for this fact.  
I work with an amazing group of embroidery artisans ( kurigers ) and a factory that I have worked exclusively with since the beginning of my label.  It is a unique relationship.  
The factory and the people I work with in India are like family.  
They are incredibly proud and driven to produce a collection of quality.  
I design firstly what I love and then think about all else later..  
Sometimes it might take 1 month to embroider one of our pieces."
Megan Park

These  scarves in 75% cotton and 25% silk can also be worn as a sarong.
The contrast tassle border adds a stylish edge.



Megan Park Scarves in store

In the hills of India in 1995, Megan Park 
and artist, Pascal Cerchi, formed a lifelong friendship. 
Megan had been creating embroidered and embellished textiles 
for some of the world’s most renowned brands, like Kenzo and Dries van Noten. 
She confided in Pascal that her dream was to start her own business with 
some wraps and scarves, but wondered who would buy her beautiful creations.

This dream has become reality.

Get wrapped in this beautiful 100% cotton scarf,
embroidered and embellished in store now at Sein Cini.



Cire Trudon Spring Window


Larissa's Election BBQ!!!

 Wow, wow, wow!

Larissa invited us "shop girls" to a spontaneous "election" bbq 
at her place on Saturday night.
The wine flowed, the conversation sparkled and the food was wonderful. 
The star turn of the meal was this delicious Tomato and Pomegranate Salad 
(recipe courtesy of Yotam Ottolenghi) that Larissa whipped up.
Larissa changed it slightly...substituting raspberry vinegar instead of white wine vinegar.

Needless to say we have asked Larissa to make it again
 and bring it into the shop for lunch!

200g red cherry tomatoes, cut into ½cm dice
200g yellow cherry tomatoes, cut into ½cm dice
200g tiger (or plum) tomatoes, cut into ½cm dice
4 medium vine tomatoes, cut into ½cm dice (500g net)
1 red pepper, cut into ½ cm dice (120g net)
1 small red onion, finely diced (120g net)
2 cloves garlic, crushed
½ tsp ground allspice
2 tsp white wine vinegar
1½ tbsp pomegranate molasses
60ml olive oil, plus a little extra to drizzle at the end
1 pomegranate, seeds removed (170g of seeds)
1 tbsp picked small oregano leaves, to garnish
Salt and black pepper

Serves four

In a large bowl, mix together the tomatoes, red pepper and onion and set aside.
In a small bowl whisk the garlic, allspice, vinegar, pomegranate molasses, olive oil, and 1/3rd teaspoon of salt, until well combined. Pour this over the tomatoes and gently mix.
Arrange the tomatoes and the juices on a large flat plate. Sprinkle over the pomegranate seeds and oregano and finish with a drizzle of olive oil.



Aesop Resurrection Duet


A delightful duo to cleanse and care for the hands.

Wash your hands lovingly with this mild cleanser then follow with a generous application of the rich, soothing balm. Each formulation is designed for frequent use to treat labour-wearied hands. 


Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm

This swiftly absorbed citrus-based formulation 
relieves dry skin and refreshes the senses. 
Boosted with citrus, aloe and carrot extracts,
these invigorating botanicals soften, cool and revive skin; 
perfect for post-sun use, an ideal travel companion and year-round use. 



Zoe Bon Bon Jewellery

Zoe Bonbon was the name given to an imaginary childhood friend of Coralie, 
the creator and founder of this delightful range of jewellery.
Made in France for over 10 years, these hand made pieces reflect charm and imagination
 in a myriad of fashion colours.



Nesti Dante's Thermal Water Soap

Capturing the heart, soul and sensibilities of Tuscany...
this sweet, pure fragrance works to calm the body and enliven the skin. 
A 250gm soap bar made according to 
the Italian traditional soap making tradition techniques.