Cote Bastide Glass Domes

Let your imagination run wild …
these fabulous glass domes are ideal to house and protect your treasures.
In two sizes, with or without base.



Bespoke Letterpress … New Baby

This gorgeous card features stunning copper hot foil, 
letterpress printed on kraft card stock with the sweetest little saying of 
"ten tiny fingers, and a sweet button nose".



Botot Toothpaste and Mouthwash

Pour l'hygiène buccale
purifiante et rafraichissante
aux essences naturelles



Cire Trudon … Scented Matches

When is a match more than just a match?
When it is made by Cire Trudon … using the scent from their most popular candles,
these matches are infused with the same sublime scent.
Leave slightly open on the coffee table or fireplace mantlepiece and enjoy the subtle aroma.
Just arrived in store 



Cire Trudon … Madeleine Candles

Cire Trudon is the candlemaker for many famous cathedrals and churches in France.
The candles made for the beautiful Madeleine Church in Paris
are now available to buy.
They are called "Madeleine" and are made in France, using traditional methods.
Dyed in small lots, these candles are created from superior quality wax.
They are dripless and smokeless.



Soxtrot Knee Hi's … Equine Nights

These knee hi's were originally designed as  "equestrian boot socks".
Horse riders loved their comfort and ability to stay up.
Now they are enjoyed by all of us!



Bespoke Letterpress

Letterpress printing utilises artisan techniques- 
it is a centuries old art form, which is timeless, 
classic and results in a beautiful tactile impression into the paper.

Letterpress printing is the one of the oldest forms of printing available
and hasn't changed much since 1440 when it was first invented.
A craft of masters, it requires skill and precision. 
The development of faster, motorised offset printing presses meant that centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship were in danger of being lost.

The folk at Bespoke Letterpress have a vision to keep letterpress alive 
by creating beautiful cards using  a fusion of antique letterpress printing methods 
with beautiful typography, gorgeous vintage illustrations and the finest papers.



Marie Daâge Limoges … Painted by Hand

Made exclusively of Limoges porcelain in Limoges, France, 
Marie Daâge is one of the few companies that still paint their porcelain entirely by hand.

Painters are personally trained by Marie in a light and fluid style 
reminiscent of water colour painting. 
Chosen with particular abilities, a painter must have excellent interpretive skills
 as well as painting ability she says. 
Some have great talent for painting leaves and flowers, 
while others excel creating figures or patterns. 

 All are from families in Limoges that have painted for generations using traditional methods of painting developed in the 18th century.



Lubin's latest Eau de Parfum … Grisette

Grisette is a classical composition with top notes of an armful of freshly cut roses. 
For the first time in decades, 
Lubin is using an alcolate obtained by macerating rose concrete. 

This preserves the most volatile notes that
mingle with hints of grapefruit to give a green sensation of fresh roses. 
Grisette then wraps one up in powdery, woody, and spicy notes 
before leaving a trail of amber and vanilla.

Top notes of bergamot, grapefruit, Bulgarian rose and Moroccan rose.
Heart notes of orris and incense.
Base notes of cedarwood, amber, musk and vanilla.



Les Grisettes ...

Familiar figures in the streets of 19th century Paris, 
grisettes were the youthful, fresh‑faced girls 
who worked in the capital’s sewing workshops. 

They were full of joie de vivre and wore grey calico frocks 
that gave them their nickname.

On sunny days, when the workshop bell rang, 
they would rush off in pursuit of adventure in the bars of Montmartre 
and the guinguettes on the Marne, where they would dance to the strains of the accordion.

These fun-loving creatures paired up with the bohemian students in the Latin Quarter, 
and provided the inspiration for the artists at Montmartre, 
becoming the heroines of paintings by Renoir and Manet.



Cire Trudon …Odalisque Candle

Enveloped in citrus and wood bark, the scent of orange blossom weaves 
a painter's dream from which escapes the pale wisp of smoke from a narghile. 

An oriental painting, furiously romantic, the vigorous scent of cade, 
and solar splinter of citrus fruits, come out as a thin blade in the silky shadow of vanilla.

The heart notes are lemon and orange. 
The heart note is orange blossom with base notes of juniper and vanilla.



Cire Trudon … Trianon Candle

The gathering of jacinth, roses, white flowers and wild herbs from 
meadows and fields, these flowers remind us of an ideal, 
of  "Nouvelle Héloïse" the novel by Jean-Jacques Rousseau 
and the country life dreams of Marie Antoinette.
Vibrating with the memory of a summer evening and the warm scent of musk,
this candle plays homage to the Queen of taste 
who has inspired so many candles from Maison de Cire Trudon.

The head notes are galbanum and cyclamen.
 The heart notes are hyacinth, rose and white flowers with musk as the base note.



Dr Vranjes … Refills now available

Feel, create and maintain feelings of well-being by surrounding yourself 
with things that are pleasing to the eye, the mind and the senses. 
Dr Vranjes has captured the emotions of precious fragrances and transformed them 
into elegant scents for the home. 
A pleasure to be shared with the people we care for.

Dr. Vranjes refills are available for the entire range of fragrances. 
The refill has same composition and concentration of natural essences
 as the original bottles and always comes with a new set of Bamboo Reeds.



Cire Trudon … L'Amirable Candle

The scent of eternal Cologne, fair and virginal, left behind by 
Eugénie and Winterhalter's flower girls. 

An imperial bee breaks into a dance around gusty vapors
of ruffled citrus fruits and bitter orange. 

The head notes are bitter orange, lemon, sweet lime and exotic verbena. 
The heart notes are yang- ylang, lily of the valley, bitter orange tree,
ending with base notes are balsam, vanilla and musk.