Provence Santé Apricot Hand & Body Wash

Provence Santé's pure vegetable Apricot Hand & Body Wash 
is enhanced with sweet almond oil - a natural moisturiser rich in vitamins. 
Cleanse daily with this fragrant liquid soap accented with 
notes of wild rose, jasmine, apricot and ripened peach. 
Made in Lussan, France. 



Provence Santé Vetiver Hand & Body Wash

Provence Santé Vetiver Hand & Body Wash 
features a natural pH balance and just the right amount of fragrance. 
Designed to cleanse and soften skin, 
the liquid soap features fragrant notes of vetiver, rosemary and geranium. 
Made in Lussan, France.



Provence Santé … Made in France

The story of Provence Santé  began fifteen years ago 
with a small display of soaps set on a trestle table under a shady tree 
in a little village square in Provence, France.

Everything Mother Nature has to offer was set on that trestle. 
Her exceptional beauty, multiple and unique as well as her fragrances, 
rich and refined and which in themselves typify the art of living "art de vivre".

In keeping with authenticity and simplicity 
and driven by a profound respect for the value of yesteryear,
Provence Santé  presents bath and body products
that stay as close as possible to Mother Nature.



True Grace Fig Candle

The sensuous sweetness of figs, 
their velvety texture and deep colour are all recalled in 
this warm and deep True Grace Fig Scented Candle. 
Additional notes of fruity cassis and mandarin lighten the air. 
A clean burning candle with a generous 10% fragrance content. 
Made in England using natural waxes.



True Grace Blackcurrant Leaves

Freshly harvested fruit.
Cassis with a hint of Clove and Jasmine mixed with Moss.
Natural wax scented candle.
Handmade in England.



True Grace Velvet Candle

A hint of the luxurious captured in the folds of luxurious grey velvet curtains. 

The fragrance of this candle is calming and enfolding 
with the dry tones of vetiver and hints of freshness. 
Presented in True Grace's signature glass with monogram.
Hand poured in England.



True Grace Candles

Our sense of smell is  strongly associated with memory and emotion.
Perfume stimulates a heartfelt response 
that takes us instantly back to a time and place.

It is this what forms the character of True Grace Candles,
now in store at Serin Cini.

Sustainability is at the heart of True Grace.
Using the finest natural ingredients, clean and renewable energy 
together with traditional candle making techniques learnt over centuries, 
everything is lovingly produced in True Grace's workshops in Wiltshire, England.

These scented candles are 100% natural and 
contain non GM European Rapeseed, Beeswax and their own secret ingredient.

This entirely natural blend, together with a pure cotton wick, 
ensures these candles burn cleanly and perfume beautifully.



Nesti Dante's Florentine Rose & Peony

Essences of the most romantic and emotional elements of Tuscany 
are the inspiration behind the beautiful 'Romantica' range by Nesti Dante of Florence.
Beautifully adorned with botanical prints, 
this Nesti Dante collection is not only ideal for you to use every day, 
it makes the perfect gift.

This soothing Nesti Dante trio of Soap, Shower Gel and the newest addition … 
Hand & Body Wash features fragrant highlights of Florentine rose and elegant peony. 
Free from Sodium Laureth Sulfate and made with love and care in Italy.



Soxtrot Knee Hi's

Such great designs, so comfortable to wear,
these knee hi's make a super gift…
that is after you have bought two for you!



The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson

Step into the magical world of photographer and artist Erin Gleeson.

After moving from New York City to a cabin in the woods of Northern California,
Gleeson was inspired by local ingredients and her forest surroundings.  
 She creates seasonal vegetarian dishes.
Beautiful, healthy recipes anyone can make. 



The Inspired Home

"Our concept for this book came from a place of genuine curiosity 
and a passion to explore the stories of people we admire.

We set out with a singular mission: to showcase a group of people that we knew, 
or knew of, whose inspiring personal style translated to their homes.

Just as the wind and sand can effect the surface of a mountain, 
each home has the indelible imprint of their creators' spirit and style."

So say Kim Ficaro & Todd Nickey in their book that we love -
 "The Inspired Home Nests of Creatives". 



Amouage Body Cream

Known for creating finely crafted, exotic perfumes, 
Amouage have infused their premier scents into body cream which, 
with active ingredients such as algae, glycerin, aloe vera, shea butter and cacao butter, restore the skin’s natural moisture and suppleness, 
leaving it fragrant, soft and velvety.

 Feel like a princess.
Pamper yourselves with the rich, indulgent luxury of Amouage Body Cream.
And, hey, you ARE worth it!



Inouitoosh Paris

The " Inouitoosh Paris" brand of scarves was born from a love of textiles. 
Two women, two friends, two destinies, two personalities, 
united by one desire, to create beautiful scarves.

Far from the madness of the great capitals, 
Lise and Mathilde imagine their creations into being
and sketch their collections into form. 

In their workshop, in the village of Saint-Valery-Sur-Somme in Northern France, 
they find inspiration and create the designs for each new season. 

Fashion has no borders. 
INOUITOOSH dazzles with the artful combination of French touch and fashion style, 
and the artisan craftsmanship of India where the fabrics are made. 

INOUI is an androgynous brand, 
ideal if you want simplicity or an original touch.



Inouitoosh…..Summer Scarves in store!

The combination of buttery-soft modal combined with silk
 gives this scarf a truly sumptuous feel.
Modal is a natural, man-made cellulose based fibre, 
created from the wood pulp of the beech tree.

This Inouitoosh scarf is made by artisans in collaboration with the designers,
 Elisabeth and Mathilde,
using ancestral methods which respect both the environment and the workers.
The vibrancy of colour in this scarf adds exuberance and vivacity to any outfit.