NYC hereeee wweee coommmeee!

Up, up and away I go! 
The day has finally arrived. Will Alice visit the below stores? I think the answer is

1. John Derian (of course)
2. Cire Trudon (deeerrrr!)
I'll no doubt share some of my own photos when I arrive home. . .

 Appologies if the blog is a little quite while I'm away.

See ya'll soon!
Alice xx


Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Forteen

{The Sky is Blue}

1. Maron Bouillie market bag
2. Seaside Style book
3. John Derian glass paperweight
4. Beach Houses book
5. Cire Trudon "Sinbad the Sailor" limited edition candle
6. Luxe Guide Sydney
7. John Derian decoupage plate
8. Beach Houses book
9. Ayalar Bar necklace


cushions galore

Our Iosis lounge...



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Thirteen

{ Granny Smith Green}

Featured here:

1. John Derian glass paperweight
2. John Derian decoupage plate
3. Fast, Fresh & Green cookbook
4. Claus Porto lettuce soap
5. Laguiole cheese knife
6. L'Artisan Parfumeur "L'eau de L'Artisan" fragrance
7.Luxe Guide Los Angeles
8. Saison matches
9. Rosie's Armoire fabric make up bag
10. Donatella Pellini resin necklace



We now have kiddie versions of the Luxe city guides - Hong Kong & Bali in store now.


Finestre: Part six

ANOTHER new window to show off our new Limoges range and introduce some Spring colours.

Featured in this window - 

Sophie Digard scarf
Zoe Bonbon necklaces
Old french dome and stand
Marie Daage tea cups
Laduree candle
Dinosaur Designs bangle and plate
Luxe City Guide
John Derian Paperweight




just because


mousse 3 chocolats

We had to share this heavenly recipe from the beautiful Fabulously French blog.

Mousse 3 chocolats, fromage blanc, grenade


• 100 g dark chocolate
• 100 g white chocolate
• 100 g chocolate praline
 50 mls cream
• 200 g cream cheese 20% fat
 1 pomegranate
 30 g of sugar

- Cut the pomegranate in half, reserve some seeds and press it with a juicer like an orange.

 - Collect the juice (about 80 g = 8o mls)boil for 2 minutes with the sugar and let cool.

 -  Break the 3 types of chocolate into pieces, place into 3 individual 3 containers. Boil 300 mls of creamand pour 1/3 into each of the containers containing the 3 different chocolates.

- Stir with a whisk to smooth preparations.

- Whip the remaining cream  and then add to the 3 containers containing the chocolate mixture  and mixwith a whisk.

- Place the chocolate mixture into glasses, then add the white and praline.

- Mix the pomegranate syrup with the fromage blancthen place on top of the chocolate mixture in each glass.

- Garnish with a few pomegranate seeds and place in the fridge until you are ready to eat.

 You can replace the pomegranate juice with passionfruit juice.

Mouth watering, right!?  Thanks Leeann  xx



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Twelve

Beyond The Pale Blue

Featured here:

1. Les Habits Neuf vintage fabric scarf/runner
2. Marie Daage handpainted porcelaine dish from Limoges
3. Marie Daage handpainted porcelaine beaker from Limoges
4. Cat Hammill set of bracelets
5. London Style travel guide
6. John Derian glass paperweight
7. Limoges porcelaine teapot
8. Ayala Bar bracelet
9. Liberty fabric notebook
10. John Derian decoupage dish



Marie Daâge

Some more Marie Daâge hand painted Limoges-porcelain. The new range is walking out the door. Come in and have a lookie look.

Some snaps just as we were unpacking...




Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Eleven

{Emerald Jade Green}

Featured here:

1. Donatella Pellini resin "Jazz" bracelet
2. Donatella Pellini Agate, Quartz and Fresh Water Pearl necklace
3. L'Artisan Parfumeur Premier Figuier fragrance
4. John Derian glass paperweight
5. John Derian decoupage plate
6. Cat Hammill set of bracelets



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Ten

{Mossy Green}

Featured here:
1. Luxury Private Gardens book
2.  Ayala Bar  " Babushka" necklace
3. John Derian glass paperweight
4. Claus Porto  Vetyver soap
5. Dinosaur Designs resin plate
6. Iosis  "Palm Tree" tray
7. Liberty fabric notebook



Naughty Nautical

Another edition of the new Marie Daage range for Limoges. We love this nautical look – would be a great gift for a man who appreciates nice things…!

And how about adding this little beauty to the collection. A perfect candle to go with the perfect teacup.

Thanks Claudia for the picture. Click here to see her most recent SC purchase. I wonder what it is!?


Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Nine

Sherwood Forest Green

Featured here:
1. Kenzo book
2. Sophie Kyron bracelet
3. Iosis Tray
3. Donatella Pellini earrings
4. Saison matches
5. John Derian paperweight
6. Dante Nesti soap
7. Carthusia Via Camerelle fragrance