Books Do Furnish A Room

Books afford us not only endless pleasure and knowledge, 
but also, when skilfully deployed around the home, 
the opportunity to create a myriad of different impressions.

Self-confessed bibliophile Leslie Geddes-Brown offers inspirational solutions 
and practical tips on how to make the most of books 
in every room and forgotten nook of the house. 

Lavishly illustrated throughout with photographs 
featuring homes from around the world, this engaging guide will inspire all bibliophiles 
to get the best from their beloved books and turn any room into a magical place.



The Vintage Modern Home by Katherine Sorrell

How do you combine furnishings of different styles and from various periods? 
The Vintage Modern Home demonstrates how to make the most
 of what you have in an achievable and stylish way.

Whether your furniture and accessories are prized antiques, 
second-hand discoveries or high-street pieces, 
this indispensable book describes how to bring together old and new, 
inexpensive and precious with both subtlety and flair.

Fully illustrated with more than 310 stunning colour photographs, 
this essential guide combines inspirational ideas with practical advice, 
and will help you create a stylish, comfortable and functional home.



Kathryn M. Ireland's Inspired By ...

This book is about Kathryn's friends and colleagues whose individuality and passion
 for design have inspired her life and her work over the years.
Inspired By takes you on a personalised journey through an array of homes 
that reflect the diversity and eclecticism of people in Kathryn's life.

Some are homes of the interior design elite, others are houses 
designed by friends with careers far removed from the sphere of the applied arts, 
but all of these friends share three attributes: 
they are innately creative, 
they have the confidence to be original, 
and their homes collectively express the ambient consequence 
of living passionately and stylishly.

This book is a must for Kathryn Ireland fans and all of us who love inspired design.



Paris Tragics by Oleh Butchatsky & Graham Jones

Join the journey of two lifelong Australian mates 
who don’t agree on much except for their obsession with Paris. 

In the breezy, quirky style of Two Men in a Boat, this original homage to Paris breathes new life into the endless splendours of the great city, whilst also casting a distinctly irreverent Aussie eye on those strange, enigmatic French and their many foibles.

 Illustrated by Graham Jones’ evocative sketches, it provides a fresh 
and authoritative guide to the riches of Parisian culture, life, art, food and history. 
Combining travel recommendations to both mainstream and offbeat locations, 
Paris Tragics subtly gets under the skin of the city.

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Inouitoosh …. Scarf and Sarong

Summer will be here soon.
 This colourful scarf is made from 100% cotton 
and is the right size to use as a sarong too!
Also available in vibrant greens.



Geraldine Gonzalez, Paris … we love these!

Our latest acquisition from France these votive candle holders are 
delicate, colourful and just so amazing!