Secrets of a Stylish Home… Cate Burren

Many of us dream of hiring an interior designer to create the perfect home, 
but it's an expense that sometimes we can't manage. 
The affordable alternative is to undertake the work yourself, 
and Secrets of a Stylish Home is just the book to show you how. 

Cate Burren is an interior designer based in Cambridge, England 
and  is a regular contributor to interiors magazines.
This book is both a practical guide and a visual reference of attractive design ideas.
With chapters on the importance of finding your style, planning your layout, 
using colour, creating your scheme and managing your project, 
Secrets of a Stylish Home takes you through each stage, distilling the knowledge that Burren has gathered over the years into clear, easy-to-follow steps. 

Her insightful advice is accompanied by real-life case studies, 
drawings, plans and beautiful images by interiors photographer Simon Whitmore.
Whatever your experience of interior design, this book will give you the know-how and confidence to develop your own style and transform your living space.


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