Castlecrag Community Fair postponed to Sunday 16th June!


Due to the heavy rain forecasted for tomorrow
the Castlecrag Community Fair has been postponed to

Sunday 16th June, 2013 10am to 3pm
Castlecrag Shopping Village, Edinburgh Road & The Postern

Looking forward to seeing you on the 16th!



The Castlecrag Community Fair is Coming...

 Sunday 16th June, 2013 10am to 3pm
Castlecrag Shopping Village, Edinburgh Road & The Postern

Join in the fun of the fair and visit us at
Shop 4, 122 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag 
Much of Castlecrag's architecture, unusual layout, character and preserved bushland
 is due in part to Walter Burley Griffin and his wife Marion Mahony Griffin. 
These American architects came to Australia in 1914, having won 
an international competition to design Australia's national capital, Canberra. 
The true genesis of Castlecrag was in the 1920s,
when the Griffins developed it to be a "model suburb" 
in which the houses and landscape should be in harmony with each other.



The Castlecrag Community Fair is coming...

Sunday 16th June, 2013 10am to 3pm
Castlecrag Shopping Village, Edinburgh Road & The Postern

Join in the fun of the fair and visit us at
Shop 4, 122 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag

We are proud of Castlecrag. 
It stands on a beautiful peninsula jutting into Sydney's Middle Harbour.
Through its strong sense of community and unique architectural heritage, 
much of its special natural character has been retained. 

Castlecrag's conservation of its natural environment
 allows its residents to enjoy the suburb's rich diversity of fauna and flora 
and wander through hectares of healthy Australian bushland.

Take the walk through the public reserve next to 197 Edinburgh Road. 
It offers wonderful views (see photo above) of Sugarloaf Bay,
with Harold Reid Reserve in the foreground (left) 
and the suburbs of Middle Cove and Castle Cove beyond.

To the people of Castlecrag, this place is very special indeed!



The Absinthe Fairy

The Perigord is a former province of France. 
 The area is noted for its cuisine, particularly foie gras 
 and historically it is one of the most famous truffle areas of France.

We have just unpacked a selection of 
the Perigord range of glassware from La Rochere in France. 
The classic bistro glass, originally from the 1940's,
was featured with Kylie Minogue "the absinthe fairy" 
in the opening scene of Baz Luhrmann's movie "Moulin Rouge"



The Latest "buzz" on Glassware

The Napoleonic Bee range of glassware and tableware from La Rochere
  was inspired by a set of glassware 
owned by Napoleon during his reign as King of France.
Historically each King of France chose something as their emblem. 
Napoleon chose the bee for its industriousness 
and to signify that through unity you achieve strength. 
It was a rallying cry for his army.

The bee design is no less relevant today. 
Whether you like to feast as Kings and Queens 
or whether you simply admire the industry of our bee comrades, 
the elegance and simplicity of the Napoleonic Bee range from La Rochere is fitting. 
And, like its namesake, 
the La Rochere glassware goes the extra mile by being dishwasher safe.



Arte d'Ecrire...

Practise your "art of writing" in these beautiful French greeting cards.
 Très jolie!



Bienvenue a Sydney Aurelie!

Yesterday we welcomed the delightful 
Aurelie Massoll from Compagnie de Provence. 

We are thrilled to bring our clients the stunning fragrances of Provence. 
Liquid hand soaps, hand balms, candles,
wash liquid for your finest textiles and linen water.
Now on your doorstep at Serin Cini in Castlecrag, Sydney.

These products are walking out the door!



The Sweet Smell of Provence

From Compagnie de Provence we have just the thing 
to wash those delicate and fine textiles.
A concentrated wash for delicates 
made from the traditional Marseille Soap formula.

And then to add that final touch... linen water.
Bring the fragrance of Provence into your home.
Both items come in the sweet and aromatic fragrance of lavender and fig
 or the luminous fresh and sparkling fragrance of bergamot. 




New Greeting Cards

Check out these charming new greeting cards designed and printed in Australia....



Ballsy Food

Ballsy Food. Ballsy Flavors.
Jez Felwick, aka The Bowler, is the hottest food truck merchant 
on the streets of London, renowned for his gourmet meatballs, fish balls and veg balls.
His savory spheres are made with the finest ingredients 
and are bursting with flavor.
Just when you thought you didn't need another cookbook....




The Green Kitchen

David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl are the new faces of exciting vegetarian food.
Their Green Kitchen Stories blog www.greenkitchenstories.com 
has a cult following and continually inspire people around the world 
to cook tasty, healthy vegetarian meals using only natural ingredients.



Designers At Home

Rhonda Rice Carmen says:
"Often it's the little details that make the biggest difference in our day-to-day life".
This book, lavishly illustrated, gives the reader a first hand look into 
the homes of 50 leading designers and "tastemakers".
The book's conversational tone and practical tips from these experts provide 
a personal approach to creating highly individual rooms,
encouraging and inspiring us "DIY" decorators!



Sally Campbell Vintage Throws in Store....

Australian designer Sally Campbell works alongside master craftspeople in India
 to create a beautiful collection of handcrafted textiles that have
a contemporary edge to suit modern environments.

Travelling to many remote communities such as Rajasthan, Bengal, Lucknow and 
Hyderabad sourcing exquisite artisan workmanship,
Sally is helping to keep these ancient crafts alive.
All textiles are carbon neutral and eco friendly with a percentage of 
their sale going back tothe communities that create them.

Each quilt is reversible, they fade naturally and imperfections are part of their beauty.
Every item is unique – no two will ever be the same.



Happy Mother's Day!

Making a decision to have a child–it’s momentous.
It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
 –Elizabeth Stone

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers and nuturers out there....