Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Nineteen

{ White & then some Black}

1. Cire Trudon matches from France
2. Neom bath oils from England
3. Khun Keramik "playing cards" from Germany
4. Book - "Handwritten Notes to my Lover"
5. John Derian glass paperweight from America
6. Lola's handmade " Bird" lariat/necklace  from Australia
7. Cire Trudon pillar candle from France
8. Dinosaur Design platter from Australia


Voluspa candles

{ Voluspa Candles & Room Mist }

The exotic aroma of sweet vacarro orange peel, ripe cassis and spiced myrrh
mingle to create this memorable scent in candles and room mist.
Each candle is hand poured using VOLUSPA's renowned coconut and apricot wax
 ensuring every candle is highly fragrant and burns evenly and cleanly every time.
Burn times are 50 hours, 100hours and 120 hours.
The room mist is presented in a vintage style apothecary bottle.



Bon Voyage a la John Derian

{ Bon Voyage a la John Derian}

Maybe it's because our darling Alice is travelling at the moment 
but these John Derian glass plates with Art Deco travel inspired motifs 
are an inspiration to plan your next holiday.
Hand made in New York each piece is signed...we love them.



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Eighteen

{ Black & then some White}

1. "Black & White" book by Celerie Kemble
2. Cire Trudon pillar candle from France
3. "Wolterinck's World Be Fore" book 
4. Laguiole pate knife from France
5. Laguiole cheese knife from France
6. Zoe Bonbon resin necklace from France
7. Zoe Bonbon resin bracelet from France
8. Luxe Guide for Paris
9. Nesti Dante " Chic Animalier" Soap from Italy
10. Dinosaur Design resin necklaces from Australia
11. Marie Daage Limoges porcelain breakfast cup & saucer from France
12. Dinosaur Design resin vase from Australia



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Seventeen

{..........Shades of Grey}

 1. Book - Shades of Grey by Remy Meijers
 2. Marie Daage breakfast cup & saucer from France
3. Dinosaur Design bracelet from Australia
4. Donatella Pellini bracelet from Italy
5. Juliette Has A Gun "Calamity J" fragrance from France
6. Luxe Guide for New York
7.Marie Daage dish from France
8. Amouage "Ciel" fragrance for men from the Kingdom of Oman
9. Ayala Bar Necklace from Israel
10. Sophie Digard scarf from France
11. John Derian glass platter from America



Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Sixteen

{ The Allure of Turquoise }

1. Dinosaur Design resin plate from Australia
2. Seda France "Japanese Quince" Hand Lotion from USA
3. Zoe Bonbon resin necklace from France
4. Les Cakes de Bertrand bag from France
5. Tessa Kiros book - "Food From Many Kitchens"
6. "Tea at Fortnum & Mason" book
7. Dinosaur Design resin bracelet from Australia
8. Luxe Guide for Chicago
9. Donatella Pellini turquoise, green quartz & neolite earrings from Italy



September Window

Softly  Natural......

Back to natural hues for our first window in September.
Easy colours to wear and live with,
back to nature with beauty and simplicity.


Par-delà l'arc-en-ciel: Part Fifteen

{Moody (Dark) Blues}

1. Iosis cushion
2. Luxe Guide Melbourne
3. Claus Porto soap
4. Ayala Bar neclace
5. Leon Naturally Fast Food cookbook
6. Zoe Bonbon necklace
8. Fink jug
9. Marie Daage teacup and saucer



A celebration of fragrance

Everybody HAS TO GO to 
Elizabeth Street David Jones to look at this years' exquisite Flower Show - Fleuressence.

 The reason why we are particularly in love, is because it takes inspiration from The Fragrance Wheel, by the one and only Michael Edwards. If you've ever been lucky enough to attend one of our Perfume Master Classes, you'd know all about this wheel! The photo above (bottom right corner) is a life size version of the wheel - you smell each scent (i.e floral, citrus) through the perspex boxes. 

That's lovely Louise above smelling the roses, and one of the misty mossy windows to the right. 

You won't regret visiting the show, and of course you should pop into the shop after and we'll match you a fragrance from your favourite scent on the colour wheel. 

Hurry, it ends September 9th.