Gertrude the Sheep ….

Designed from an original painting by Vicki Sawyer, 
these disposable placemats make the most adorable accent to any table setting. 
This pad has 50 sheets and is designed and printed in the USA.



The Eyes Are the Window To The Soul...

John Derian's handmade decoupage "soul" collection.

Pocket Mirror
 Dome Paperweight

Deep Convex Wall Mounted Bowl



John Derian….New Shipment In Store

Direct from John's New York Studio….
Come and see the latest designs in 
handmade decoupage plates, trays and paperweights…

From Abalone to Arpeggio
From A Heart In Hand to A White Hydrangea

From A Ring In A Box to A Rabbit In The Glen


Cire Trudon Candle... Bethleem

Housed in an opulent silver leaf glass container,
 the scent from Bethleem is synonymous with pure luxury.

Head notes of Pepper, Cardamom and Saffron 
with  middle notes of Musk, Tonka Beans and White Flowers,
finishing with base notes of Amber, Sandalwood and Cedar,
this limited edition candle will transport you to another time, another place. 



Harmony Tablecloths and Napkins

The ‘Harmony’ range of linen tablecloths and napkins is made using
 the finest quality flax found in Eastern Europe.

‘Harmony’ linen is easy to maintain, it resists dirt and stains
and can be dry-cleaned or machine-washed.

‘Harmony’ 100% linen is washed and pre-shrunk then tumble-dried
 in a special machine to give it the rustic, relaxed ‘stonewashed’ effect.
Pre-washing also enables the linen to not only maintain its durability, 
but to become softer the more it is washed and used. 



Friends Around The Table by Acland Geddes

Take this magical book home with you.
"Friends at the Table" is the perfect collection of relaxed recipes, 
whether you're entertaining a group or special someone. 

The weather shouldn't be an excuse for throwing any old plate of food together: 
it should be the reason why you take extra care so the meal can be memorable.
Try Lunch Alfresco offerings like grilled squid, chorizo and asparagus salad.

Two's Company encourages you to really push the culinary boat out. 
Dust off those pans, light the candles
 and rustle up an irresistible beef fillet with pea purée and hasselback potatoes!

Eating is a communal activity, so in More the Merrier 
you'll find plenty of ideas for easy sharing plates and small dishes.

Finally, catch up with friends and sit down to a banana and chocolate cake 
or a plate of honey and oat Anzac cookies at Teatime.



Nesti Dante's Rosa Champagne Soap

Three sensual soaps pay homage to the wonderful rose. 

Whether it's the exhilaration and romance of Rosa Champagne, 
the enchantment and charm of Rosa Principessa 
or the passion and sensuousness of Rosa Sensuale
these soaps are formulated to soften and smooth dry, tired skin.
Using the finest natural ingredients,
made in Italy with love and care,
each soap has a delicious, light floral rose fragrance
that will make you smile with pleasure.