Cire Trudon's Glass Cloche and Stand

 In the 19th century, brides would preserve their floral marriage crowns
under a glass cloche or bell jar with a wooden base. 
The cloche decorated the dresser in the couple’s bedroom 
and served as a symbol of their family in the making. 
Over the years, other objects were added to the delicate crown, 
including diamond-shaped mirrors that symbolized the number of children 
the young couple desired.

Throughout the 20th century, the wedding cloche lost its symbolic function in the home
and entered into the realm of a collectible or interior decoration.
Since the opening of its boutique in Paris,
Cire Trudon has utilised these traditional glass bells to display candles.

These cloches have become part of an important ritual,
as they are carefully lifted to reveal the candle's exceptional scents.
Cire Trudon has now made these glass bells available to admirers of the brand.

The blown glass dome, which protects the candle and concentrates its perfume,
is decorated with the Cire Trudon logo
and paired with a handcrafted and polished wooden base.


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