J'aime New York … Alain Ducasse

From Brooklyn hot dogs to Manhattan’s most chic restaurants,
 Alain Ducasse's  J'amie New York is a palette of flavors, colors, images and aromas.

This beautiful work of photographic reportage reveals his favorite spots, 
his special finds and his gourmet delights. 
Alain Ducasse reveals New York’s finest products, the histories of places and people 
and his encounters with them throughout this personal culinary voyage around New York, a city with an important place in Alain Ducasse’s heart. 

“Travel is one of my greatest passions. 
Not simply for my love of discovery and pastures new, but also for the pleasures 
of “stumbling across” objects, products, or unusual, novel ways of doing things; 
it all stimulates my curiosity before inhabiting my memories, imagination and pleasures.” 
Alain Ducasse.


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