Fortuny by Brian D. Coleman

"Faithfully antique but markedly original" 
so Marcel Proust describes the fabrics and clothes of Mariano Fortuny,
summarising the essence of his work in this revealing phrase.

With these five words Proust defined the foundation of Fortuny's creations, 
not only as a designer of fabrics and clothes 
but of all his vast work as an amazingly talented  painter, engraver, sculptor, 
photographer, set designer, lighting engineer, 
furniture and lamp designer and inventor.

Manufactured in Venice, Italy, textiles by Fortuny 
have carried the standard of quality and excellence for a hundred years. 
The sumptuous art of Fortuny textiles has been decorating 
old world and new world homes for generations.

 Through luscious photographs and vivid descriptions, 
we can almost feel the weave and smell the dyes. 
Contemporary modern condos, elegant historic homes, 
and metropolitan apartments 
all wear Fortuny in luxurious high style.


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