It by Alexa Chung

With influences that range from the sultry beauty of Jane Birkin
 to the rocker chic of Mick Jagger, it’s no wonder that 
everything worn by Alexa Chung instantly becomes the latest trend. 

Already a hugely popular television personality and 
a muse for Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfeld, 
Chung was also a cohost of the nightly music show Fuse News, 
covering the hottest acts and entertainment news. 

Chung’s first book "It" provides her legion of fans 
with a long-awaited inside look at her fascinating world.

A unique collection of Chung’s writings, drawings, and photographs, 
"It" covers everything from her candid thoughts on life, love, and music 
to her favorite ensembles and how to decide what to wear in the morning. 

With Chung’s characteristic wit, charm, and down-to-earth attitude, 
this book is a must-have for anyone who 
loves fashion, music, and just about everything Alexa Chung.


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