Levant by Anissa Helou

‘This treasure trove of a book is all you need, really, to cook the food of the Levant.’ 
Yotam Ottolenghi

Levant, or rising of the sun, is the crossroads where 
western Asia, eastern Mediterranean and northwest Africa meet. 
A land that is culturally diverse but united by common culinary threads.

In this personal tour Anissa, inspired by childhood memories,
introduces the stunning food of 
Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, Palestine and Jordan.

Levant is a collection of 150 mouth-watering recipes and family stories.
 Anissa draws them together through the themes of family, farm, 
souks (markets), restaurants, bakeries and the sweetmakers and 
attempts to record the food traditions of countries that 
are changing beyond recognition and at risk of disappearing.


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